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I'm very pleased to post another wonderful poem from Cindy

As you stand by my grave

Please do not weep for me

For from the shackles of life's woes

I am finally free

Weep for the homeless

Trying hard to cope

As they face each day

Without any hope

Weep for the greedy

Whether rich or poor

Who ignore what they have

Their hands held out for more

Weep for those whose hunger

Makes them roam the streets

Searching through dumpsters

For something to eat

Weep for the young soldiers

Sent abroad to war

Who wonder what all

The destruction and death is for

Weep for the Veterans

Who every day face

The horrors they have seen

That their minds can't erase

Weep for the abused

Who fear for their life

Too scared to leave

Lover, husband or wife

Weep for those young women

Who just sought an escape

That got caught in the sex trades

And feel it's their fate

Weep for the addict

Be it alcohol or drugs

Unable to face a world

Where they feel so unloved

Weep for the children

Who are no longer shown

Only by being responsible

Are you ever truly grown

Weep for the single mothers

Who work night and day

Trying to make a home

So their child will be safe

Weep for the world

Filled with violence and hate

That instead of solving problems

Just holds lots of debates

I will weep for you

And stand by you each day

Hoping my tears will

Wash your grief away


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