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I've just finished the 'Fragility of Poppies' by Carol Westron and it's a very good read.

Here is my review.

The plot revolves around a married duo, Annie, and senior CID officer, Rick. Both have serious issues and at times it’s hard to see their marriage surviving. And when Rick is ordered to lead an investigation into the disappearance of another girl, his state of mind deteriorates even further as memories of the past threaten to overwhelm him. Each chapter is written from the point of view of Annie or Rick, and it works. The characters are believable and the pace - just the way I like it – rushes along as if the pages are turning themselves. I took the book to read in bed, thinking that I would read a few chapters, yet finished it after midnight as I really wanted to know, ‘who dunnit guv?’ It’s a cracking read.

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