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Guest Author Spotlight - Pearl Denham

What a nice surprise this week everyone.

My lovely guest author is Pearl Denham and she's written a great poem. Read on.

Pearl spent twenty years with young people teaching mathematics and IT and gained a Ph.D researching the fascinating area of ‘Mental Models developed by children between the ages of nine and fourteen.’

In retirement she began to paint finding a particular interest in plants and animals. These included paintings for her grandchildren which stimulated visual imagination and told a story.

A ‘Writing for Children’ course with The London School of Journalism helped her to get ideas into words and writing started. Membership of Denmead Writers’ Group with leader writer Carol Westron and fellow students encouraged and developed her love of words and visual imagination. Eirwen and the Gossamer Rainbow is her debut novel and first of the Nereid Trilogy.

The Ocean Stallions by Pearl Denham

A poem from the second book of the Nereid Trilogy

Born of Myths and Legends, the Ocean’s moon is gold,

High, in control, large hearted and all powerful.

See how the tangy air throws up its wares, and laughs,

Sparking and spitting great stallions ride in,

Silhouette across its golden face, devilish high.

Hear the army thunder by, black manes and tails

Flowing, nostrils flared, they kick the angry spray high.

The waves swell and rise up with white crested power

Only to cascade far below, shifting pebbles

For ever more, falling away, pulling apart,

Falling away.

Breathe easy, breathe easy, this is mere ocean sport,

The tides must school and reign in the playful stallions

To the relentless rhythms of motion as they play

Out the seasons with furious commotion in howling

Winds and tremendous cold. Passions flair in the dark

The stallions rise up to break through the oceans’

Crazed face. Now see the great plume of spray as they ride the

Waves. Rearing up and rolling over they create

Great white arches rising, falling, pursuing

In the chase across the golden orb of night.

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