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WASTED WIZARD Wanda, the lethargic Wizard, spread her hands and disappeared. Yet, in her wake, magic dust slowly settled on the slim table filling the empty plates with a mass of delicious delicacies. None of her friends initially moved for all of them had eyes fixed on the wondrous spread on the table. Sweet cakes, toffee apples, luscious sticky honey cakes, and lots more were laid out in perfect rows. Glasses of sweetened wine and ice cold water fresh from the mountain streams stood side by side just waiting to be imbibed. Friends looked at each other and smiled, before quickly looking back at all the tasty treats. Pixie Petra broke the spell. She took one step forward and the rush began.


Rick Haynes Writing As The Artful Scribbler Money Talks - A cynical tale of modern day life. Digging a deep hole in the sand would quickly prove beneficial, for, with the large parasol in place, I could relax in the welcoming shade. Job done then; only it wasn’t. With the sudden increase in wind speed, common on Crete, I had to hang on with all my strength to prevent my bright umbrella from flying away. Those closest to me were laughing as I struggled to cope. Evil thoughts rushed through my brain as I manfully held on to the pole. Should I let go and watch the carnage unfold as my parasol took on a life of it’s own? Or perhaps I could let it drag towards them before bringing the unwieldy be

Halloween and Bonfire Night

With Halloween and Bonfire night soon upon us, I think that a tale is needed. But, one with a difference. Thus, I'll start the story and anyone can join in. No more than 100 words each go, and let's have some fun with a bit of humour. The Week Of Demons And Fireworks Part 1 from Rick Haynes With the cold blasting down from the Arctic, it's no wonder that parents are hurrying to stock up on warm clothes. Yesterday, I forget my gloves which meant both hands being stuck in deep pockets. Shame about that manhole cover though, but at least my nose wasn't broken. Alas, my beautiful black eye made me look a tad evil. But with so much going on this week, maybe it will help me to find the role that s

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