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Two Part Drabble - At War & At Peace

At War

I espy the ruthless from a safe distance.

Looking through the mists of time little has changed as man continues in his relentless persecution. From the beginning we have sought to conquer and rule. Countless innocents had died; men, women, even babies had been sacrificed on the altar of eternal power.

The ambition of so many is now threatening our world.

If they prevail, the darkness will overcome us all and the race of man will fade into oblivion.

I scream at their selfishness and their stupidity.

Simply open your eyes.

Take a look.

For all you need is love.

At Peace

Holding hands we stood spellbound as we watched the stars way above in the heavenly black. The bright sparkles appeared to be looking down on us as if the majestic gods were riding their chariots across the universe.

As I looked into her orbs of wonderment, I shuddered. Her hand tightened on mine as I sunk into her smile.

The gods may rule above but the love we share is beyond their understanding.

I am at peace with myself and my world and I need nothing more to be complete.

For the best things in life I have already found.

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