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Meeting The Agents

Meeting The Agents

In just under two weeks time, Portsmouth Writers Hub have organised a ‘meet the agents’ event.

Sounds good to me, but who are these mysterious beings that hold my destiny in their little pinkies? I can provide the blurb, synopsis, first ten chapters, covering letter and my book in paperback, but will it be enough?

This process isn’t easy because all of them have different requirements, thus it means four, maybe five separate proposals. I hope I keep them in the right order and remember who-is-who.

More to the point, are they actually looking for new authors? Do they like my genre of medieval fantasy? Will they like my approach, my personality?

I’ve looked at their profiles and one or two look promising but in reality, I haven’t a clue. There is never much you can gain from a picture so I’ll have to wing it on the night, which I readily admit is not the best way to proceed.

I suspect that the number of authors attending will be very high, so is it going to be like the sales, all elbows and bums out? It couldn’t possibly be like that, could it? We authors are civilised folk aren’t we?

Alas, I tease.

For all this negativity is academic, because I am really excited about the event. I will do everything that I can to meet their requirements and present myself professionally.

Wish me luck.

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