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“Cheers mate, great to see you after all this time.”

“You too, Simon. Must be ten years.”

“More like eleven, Ronnie boy.”

“Still with Catherine?”

“We split a few months back, left me for her boss, whoever he is.” Simon took a long slurp of ale whilst looking into the distance.

Ronnie thought back, the memories just as vivid. “Is that right ... or did you stray again?”

“Can’t you ever let go. She chose me, not you, and now she’s moved on. That’s life. I’ve got over her, why can’t you?”

Ronnie turned his head, trying to control the anger eating into him. “But you never loved her, she was just a possession ... a pretty toy to own, like all your other conquests.”

“So what mate? I won, you lost. Anyway, is this all you wanted to say to me? Why did you ask to meet?” Simon rubbed his hand over his chin.

“I understand you left her with a massive debt, yet you want a share of the house.”

“How do you know all that Ronnie?” Simon stared into two eyes, grey like the colour of a winter’s storm. “Unless ...”

“Yes mate, I’m a solicitor, Catherines’s new boss.”

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