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My diary is hotting up with so much work in the pipeline. I've been asked, and submitted, a ghost story for Dr. Karl Bell's Portsmouth Dark City project. I'm offering a part of my novel, Evil Never Dies, to be read by actors at the Debug My Script event at the Portsmouth Hub event on Thursday 31st March.

I'm running two Drabble Workshops for Hampshire County Council's Shakespeare festival at Fareham library on the 5th of April and Waterlooville library on the 7th of April. I'm frantically trying to edit my second novel, Heroes Never Fade, as I have Beta readers ready and an editor who needs a date to start work. One short story has been chosen for publication in a magazine (agreed but no date set, so I'm not posting the name yet). A publishing company has asked me to write an anthology of fantasy tales and I'm trying to deal with my biggest weakness - promotion - by checking out what the experts can do.

And do I worry about not enough hours in the day?

No way!

I won't stop, for writing is FUN!

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