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Here is my latest work in progress, in it's rawest form. I have no idea where the tale will take me but I'm looking forward to writing and eventually finishing it.

Please feel free to comment via the link in Contact above.

Thanks for reading.


The Prologue

The door slowly opened and, like a ghost, he walked across the lush carpet, yet knowing that the girl’s sleep could never be disturbed no matter what he did. The man took her exposed hand, raising it to his lips and kissing every finger. With his mind in turmoil and his eyes full of unshed tears the man tried to speak coherently.

“I will never ... rest ... my beautiful daughter, until I find the cause of your ... sickness.” The dam burst and Tom Davis fell down beside the bed, his head hanging low to the floor.

In the cellar below, Hayden sat on the bare floor unable to move more than an inch or two. The manacles had bruised his arms yet he neither called out in fear, nor in pain. His leering face looked towards the single pane of grimy glass and his eyes shone like a full moon.

Watching such an evil face sent shivers down their spines, yet both were determined to find the truth. “It’s all my fault,” Judy said as she beckoned her mother away from the cellar door. “If I hadn’t asked Milly to join me at the party, she wouldn’t have met ... him.”

“It’s not your fault Judy. Come on, wipe your cheeks. But tell me, who is this Hayden? Your father thinks he isn’t human.”

“He isn’t a vampire mother, if that’s what you think. But dad’s right, for no human could climb up a massive vertical wall without assistance. He even walked on the ceiling, mum.”

“How did dad catch him, Judy.”

“We saw him following us after the party, so when we got to the corner we ran to our house and slammed the door in his face. I heard dad complain about the noise as we went upstairs ...”

“As I did.”

“Yeah, right, but Milly screamed didn’t she when she opened the door of her bedroom? This thing was already walking up the walls. He must have climbed up outside and got in through the open window. I saw dad hit him with his old truncheon and he fell down. But that curse he uttered, how could it put Milly into a deep sleep?”

“I don’t know but I’m worried sick love.”

“Me too, mum. This Hayden has power, no doubt about it by why hasn’t he used it on the rest of us? Mum please don’t cry again, the police will soon be here, right?”

“Something’s wrong love.” Doris sobbed. “I couldn’t phone out on the landline, or on my mobile. So it wasn’t that your battery was flat, Judy. And that’s why Dad chained him up. He wasn’t going to let this, whatever he is, get away. Not until he gets some answers, anyway.”

“I hope dad hurts him mum, and if he doesn’t, I will. You know how much I love my sister.”

With so much fear running through her family Doris saw her world falling apart. Yet she paused, deciding to wait until Tom emerged before telling him that all the doors and windows couldn’t be opened.

Hayden heard a distant call. It would soon be time for the sacrificial virgin to meet her destiny for the wish of his god could never be repudiated.

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