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I've been busy writing a collection of crazy tales set on the island of Crete. I suspect that when finished, I'll have written about 25k. Some are funny, some mad, but all will have more than a grain of truth thrown in.

Here's an example of one tale unedited, and unfinished. All comments appreciated.


The place was buzzing louder than a swarm of hornets, yet, due to the advent of wi-fi in the tavernas, the internet café would soon fade away into history. Whilst the tavernas could offer free connection the download speed would be poor, especially with so many tourists connecting with their mobile phones and tablets at the same time.

I sighed. Free may be good but give me a strong signal and instant response times any day of the week. I left my wife to deal with our mail and walked to a seating area outside. The Kalyves Internet Café lay in the middle of a t-junction of three main roads. Arriving at the middle of the, ‘t’, from the national road drivers were faced with two options. Turn left to the centre of the town or turn right for the lively beach at Almerida. For most of the day the roads were fairly quiet but between nine and ten the sound of car horns could be heard one thousand meters away.

But today would eclipse anything that I, and no doubt many others, had ever witnessed.

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