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News And Yet More News

It's now official. I have been honoured by the wonderful people of Barbados and I truly thank them. It's just a pity that they clearly have someone else mixed up with me. Never mind it was fun whilst it lasted.


I am now working on a number of projects.

The second novel in the Maxilla series Heroes Never Fade is finished, been kindly read by my two wonderful beta readers - Lesley Talbot and Val Portelli - and is currently being amended by me before moving on to my editor Alex Roddie. Publication is due in the autumn.

I have almost finished my collection of Cretan tales - stories based on some truth but with a little humour thrown in, naturally - which again should be published later this year.

Another collection, albeit small in number, is work in progress. But one will be a non-fiction piece on the craft of writing. Needless to say, whilst it has meaning, I use a friendly approach with some fun thrown in.


Coming soon - a competition for everyone and the prize will be a brand new and unpublished short story. Details to follow in due course.


My first video - Evil Never Dies - continues to surprise me with the number of hits on YouTube.

A new YouTube video has been finished and will form part of the Portsmouth Plugged In festivities. 2FarSouth have done a wonderful job on the production of my monologue entitled The red Haired Girl.

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