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A Change Of Life For A Tired Author

The endless azure way above is never alone with fluffy cotton wool as company.

Lower down house martins swoop and soar, seeking insects, their young eagerly demanding tasty morsels. Other birds enjoy the bounty that nature offers as the golden orb beats down on the land turning grass to straw.

Animals constantly search to feed their newborns, the youngsters demanding more and more.

Summer has finally arrived, and like a brides late arrival at her wedding, is more than welcomed.

I love it when the sun beats down, warming my body, making me feel more alive than yesterday. My timetable disappears in a flash as I make new plans, plans that do not include a computer, pen or paper. I want, no need, to walk through green woods. The call of the sea is strong as it urges me to tread over soft sand and allow the cool waters to invigorate both body and mind.

I can see new smiles on old faces, and joyous looks on young ones. Nature is offering new opportunities for all those with open eyes, and those willing to take a chance on being reenergised. The summer may not last long so I must enjoy it whilst I can, for with the rays beating down I am more myself than yesterday.

When the sun fades away tomorrow, I will return to my internet companion and write tales about my experiences and my feelings when the rays eased my aching bones.

I am an author, but for today, I am much more than that.

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