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Many thanks to all those fine authors that contributed to the competition. The standard was very high and it was really close at the end but I had to choose. Thus I am delighted to announce that Maureen Hart has won the competition and here is her entry. I imagined the scene and I had to laugh.

The Magic One?

Stardust flew from the laughing fairy’s wand, engulfing unsuspecting humans. Gentle breezes lifted her long golden hair. "Oh" she cried "my wig has come off."

Fancy a DRICKLE?

Here's the promised competition to win a signed copy of Evil Never Dies.

Drabbles are 100 words, Dribbles apparently 50, but I've just invented a Drickle. Yep, crazy I know. It’s a tale of exactly 25 words excluding the title.

The theme for the first competition is, ‘The Magic One,’ but these words do not need to be included within your Drickle.

Here are the rules.

1. No really bad language or hard erotica please. Think of my sensitive eyes and ears.

2. Any genre. Even a horror-sci-fi-fantasy-mystery for YA is welcomed. Getting all that in 25 words may prove a tad tricky though.

3. Copyright remains with the author but by entering the competition you grant me the right to publish your entry on my blog page and other social media.

4. Free to enter. Buying me a pint down the pub is optional but I’m up for a meeting.

5. Should the winner not reside in the UK I reserve the right to award the prize as an e-book rather than a signed paperback copy. If you fancy a pint and personal delivery then please send the air fare to Rick Haynes etc ...

6. The competition will run for six days commencing at 7.30am on Thursday 4th of August GMT and ending at noon on Tuesday 9th of August GMT. Entries received outside these times and dates will not be eligible. You want more time? Maybe next time, but come on it’s only 25 words.

7. The winner will be announced on my website just as soon as I have read all the entries.

8. My decision is final and in the case of any dispute what I say goes. I will not be swayed by a meet up in a pub, unless you generously offer to buy me two pints, a packet of crisps and a one year subscription to a fantasy magazine of my choosing.

9. One entry per person. If multiple entries are received only the first will be accepted. You must know by now that I’m a slow reader.

10. Most important of all. Let’s have some fun.

To enter click on the box marked CONTACT above and off you go.

Leave your name, e-mail address, and the title of your Drickle in addition to your entry. Remember, 25 words exactly excluding the title or you're out.

Feel free to share with all your friends, the more the merrier (especially if they would like to bribe me with free ale.)

Depending on the success of this one, others may follow, possibly with rule changes, so keep checking the website.

Any questions please contact me via my website but remember the deadline.

Errors, omissions and other rule breakages are not my fault - I'm an author not a lawyer.

Do remember that the contact box, aka the comment box, posting box, etc. is where you post your entries.

Bye for now and good luck.

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