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Many thanks to Helen and her kind words, as well as for sending the details of the launch to her followers.

After my blog about good Cretan reads I have been told about a new book due to be published. I have to read it yet, but, as it involves the area in which I live it is likely to be entertaining and I thought many of you would be interested too.

It is a collection of tales about some of the author's experiences. Some are true, or based on some degree of truth, whilst others are complete fiction. Some are crazy, hence the title "Chocolate Chunks From Crazy Crete".

Also included are 3 stories about local folk in Kalyves, who generously gave their time and permission to use their names as well as some of their personal memories.

Much of the book is written 'tongue in cheek'. It is described as fun, thought provoking, and entertaining.

It is available for pre-order on Amazon with a launch date of the 14th of November in both the UK and the USA. At at 99p/ 99cents it seems a bargain for 22 stories.

Here is the foreword from the author Rick Haynes and the links to find out more. Let me know how you get on! Is it one for our top ten?


Writing a book about something you love is easy but putting all the pieces in the right place is much harder. Some of the tales have a degree of truth, but mostly they are products of my overheated imagination. Well, it is hot in Crete.

The people of Crete can be abrupt, shout loudly and gesticulate wildly but you simply need to look beyond their mannerisms, for you will find a race ready to oblige, are polite, honest and their excellent cooking is probably the most underrated in the world.

The local grapes are used to make superb white wines, and with few additives it’s a little difficult to incur a nasty hangover the next morning, unless you imbibe a few too many glasses of the local fire - water, known as Raki.

My observations have been based on everything from the unbelievable to the unimaginable, thus my crazy tales needed a crazy name. The alliteration in the title seemed apt for this collection, as it is indeed, a selection box of bite-sized treats.

I have split the collection into two parts, entitled My Stories and Their Stories.

The first, deals, to a degree, with my own experiences.

The second, looks at the amazing characters that leap out from around every street corner, every taverna, and on every journey. Everyone has a tale to tell.

So sit back, put your feet up, open your box of chocolates and nibble away.

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