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Hi everyone and welcome to Black Friday.

Do I have a deal for you?

Buy a copy of my novel Evil Never Dies - eBook or paperback - and receive a copy of my latest book, Chocolate Chunks From Crazy Crete – Free.

That’s right, for today only, you get two books for the price of my novel.

One reviewer posted this about Evil Never Dies.

‘For a first novel this is very good. The overall tale might seem familiar to any fan of heroic fantasy, but it's told here in well paced and punchy fashion that keeps you glued to the page. What I liked here was the author keeping on track and not falling into the trap of digressing simply to expand on the world. I liked the feel of interaction from the gods in the story - it's mostly low key but very classical Greek in their personal involvement and meddling.’

My novel has been well received with many downloads, and 20 reviews on both sides of the Atlantic – all being 4 or 5 star.


And these comments were made by a reviewer after reading Chocolate Chunks From Crazy Crete.

‘It landed on my Kindle on Monday and I haven't stopped laughing yet. The traffic jam in Kalyves and Api Corno café we know well (agree - best coffee in town). What a tonic on a cold November day in the UK. Thanks to Helen for letting everyone know about this. Anne and Tony.’

Chocolate Chunks is going to make you laugh, groan, and one tale will bring tears to your eyes.

2 for 1 – what a bargain.

What do you have to do?


Buy a copy of Evil Never Dies on Amazon. Send me proof - eg. Confirmation of purchase, or something else, and I’ll send a copy of Chocolate Chunks to you.

Feel free to tell your friends and they can join in. I will need their email address to send out the free book in due course.

If you have any questions then do let me know. Please remember that this offer will finish at midnight GMT on Friday the 25th of November.

Thanks for reading folks.


P.S. This has been posted early as I’m not awake at midnight. LOL.

As ever please let me know if you wish not to receive mail.

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