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It has taken me 18 months to write my 2nd epic fantasy novel, Heroes Never Fade. It is also the second in the Maxilla trilogy.

Evil Never Dies was published in 2015 and the third - Magic Never Ends - should be ready in 2018.

I believe that there are many facets to war, and thus I show the horrors, as well as the loyalty and love of those involved. All men and women are flawed and I show their strength and weaknesses, their compassion and cruelty, for war brings out the best and worst in even the gentlest of folk.

In the land of Cpin, the Queen, has mysteriously disappeared. Discontent is spreading and the threat of civil war looms ever closer as the Tormented King is marching towards the city.

Tarn obeys a command to enter the world of the magical Souls, for those close to him have been threatened.

The lure of gold seduces Grona to a meeting with Abastor, the leader of the Souls. His options are limited, follow instructions or die.

War is inevitable, but can the combined forces of the few, oppose the host from Marathi?

And would any man trust the Gods to prevent the slaughter?

I have received 4 reviews so far. With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, I am well pleased.

I hope that you enjoy my tale of feisty ladies, doughty warriors and a mad king.

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