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The world is a small place indeed. How is it possible to meet the first people to buy, and leave a review of Chocolate Chunks in a world of so many people? I was introduced to Anne and Tony who asked me what I did. I told them. What sort of genre, they asked? Heroic fantasy but also short stories, the latest about my experiences on Crete. The rest is history and here is their review in full.

It landed on my Kindle on Monday and I haven't stopped laughing yet. The traffic jam in Kalyves and Api Corno café we know well (agree - best coffee in town). What a tonic on a cold November day in the UK. Thanks to Helen for letting everyone know about this. Anne and Tony

But the mystery of coincidences deepens for it turns out that Tony and I are related to the late and great ex.England Football captain Johnny Haynes. We are both going to conduct research and see what we can find.

Life is full of surprises and this is a major one for me.

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