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OUTCAST my new novel

Have I got some exciting news for you. I’ve been working on my new fantasy novel, Outcast, for many months and I’m so proud now that it’s almost finished. Another read through and it’s off to beta readers for checking. It will be published next year. In the meantime, for your eyes only, here is a taste of what’s in the book.

With his squinty little eyes, and nose constantly running with snot, I really loathed Father Coleth. The little runt had tried to destroy me ever since I was born. At first, I was too young to understand why he beat me, but could I help it if my sister Dagmaer was a whore? She looked after me when our parents mysteriously disappeared, yet died young. I was yet to reach my seventh year. I have nothing of hers, nothing to remind me. Her face eludes me now, even though it was I that discovered her battered body in a rain-sodden ditch. I remember my tears and the vow that I made.

As long as I live my sister’s name will sing in my heart, but ultimately, I want Father Coleth’s head on the end of a spear.

If you want to comment, or ask questions I’ll get back to you.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Please note that these are promotional pictures as I'm still seeking the perfect cover.

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