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“This little piggy went to market, this little chicken stayed behind. Come on you lot, keep up, the festival will be over at this rate, and you know how much you’re going to miss it if we’re late.”

“Is he always so loud, Cat?”

“Always! And sometimes he’s even worse. I know it’s your first visit, Mongrel Dog, but grin and bear it is my motto, as once we arrive it’s easy to get yourself lost, if you know what I mean.”

“Don’t forget to tell our new canine friend about the races, Cat. And the jumping.”

“I won’t Nanny Goat, now be quiet and let me have a little peace.”

“Be quick about it then for my horns feel extra heavy today and you know how much I hate travelling so far.”

‘Save me from old Bull, Cat whispered to himself.’

“What about you Chicken? You might as well moan along with the rest of my dearly beloved followers.”

“Got any seed, got any seed?”

“Shut up the lot of you. I need to ponder as it’s obvious that none of you wants to be here.”

“Maybe he does listen after all,” whispered Bull to Nanny Goat.

“Right, I’ve got it. We turn left here, go around the big field and enter via the back gate. Once inside we walk right through the field and exit via the gate at this end and home we all go. They’ll think we’ve finished and ignore us. Stop moaning, will you, it’s time to move.” Cat ordered.

The piper carried on playing as he danced down the slope to the great field, oblivious that his flock had disappeared.

Cat led the way and soon all five animals were sitting under a huge oak tree looking down on a mass of farm animals below. The smirk on Cat’s face was wider than the sky above.

“Stupid,” Mongrel Dog barked.

“Moo,” Bull stamped his feet.

“Got any seed?” Chicken queried.

“Time to go back to the farm,” Cat stood up and pointed his paw along the well-worn path.

Mongrel Dog barked loudly. “Now that I have your attention would one of you please tell me what the Pied Piper Olympics are?”

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