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TUESDAY TALES A Poem from Firle Lewis.


Firle Lewes is a writer and poetician inspired by the notion that life doesn’t necessarily have to make sense, as long as it is fun - and that humour can cast a bright light into even the darkest of life’s shadows.

BLEATING HEART - A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

The wolf was struck by cupid’s dart,

He couldn’t ‘still’ his beating heart,

He was dumb and she was smart,

Although, he thought, she’s quite a tart.

He tried cross-dressing as a sheep,

There was no sign of young Bo Peep,

Along the fields he had to creep,

The grass was tall, the furrows deep.

The fleece was zipped up to his nose,

He tip-toed forward on his toes,

The lambs were bleating in their rows,

He sniffed around and found a rose.

It was his first time for speed-dating,

He’d given her a five-star rating,

Was this a marriage in the making?

He trembled so, his knees were shaking.

Would she see the wolf within?

Was this liaison mortal sin?

She was fat and he was thin,

He took another swig of gin.

Then wowed her with a merry quip,

And started to undo his zip,

She gave him back a friendly nip,

He thought that it was ‘worth the trip’.

The fleece then dropped down to his knees,

- The sheep, her face began to freeze,

He smiled at her with simple ease,

And said - ‘you’re such a naughty tease’!

The End

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