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This week, I am delighted to showcase the work of the highly talented Firle Lewes.

You are going to love this.

Doggy Doos & Doggy Don'ts (The Trouble with Dogs...)

I can honestly say, the trouble with dogs -

Is that they’re madder than a box of frogs.

They chase their tails and beg for a treat -

Are always sick when they overeat.

They never wash and have big fleas

And never, ever, can say ‘please'.

They growl and bark and scratch their fur –

Those awful smelly canine cur.

They don't know how to walk alone,

And soon get lost when on their own.

They get locked out and scratch the doors

Then bring in dirt, don't wipe their paws.

I've never seen them climb a tree,

Well, actually, not as fast as me.

They don't pick up their doggy-doos -

They've never learned to use the loos.

They say that they are man's best friend -

I suppose they're right, but in the end,

I'd rather choose a feline buddy,

Who doesn't make the floor so muddy.

One who doesn't steal my food

Or make such noises, loud and rude,

Who doesn't follow you around,

And will sit still, without a sound.

I suppose, in truth, dogs aren't so bad

To have about when you feel sad,

To play with you, and wag their tail,

And help you shred the morning's mail.

But I have to say, the trouble with dogs,

Is that they never ‘quite’ compare with mogs.

It really is as simple as that -

But then, you know - I' m just a cat!

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