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Elevated To A World Of Dreams

by Rick Haynes

An intro, a question and an offer.

With the number of hits on my blog steadily increasing - over 500 hundred in the last five weeks - I would like to say a big thank you for your wonderful support. It really does make my day when I see the hit counter rising so much.

Writing is my passion and my life these days. Believe me, I have many more ideas knocking around inside my head for they scream to be released.

And now, I have a question for you.

What type of stories do you like?

Do let me know, for if I haven't a tale in your favourite genre, it's a good chance I know an author that does. I'd be happy to offer a Tuesday Tales slot to that author.

Thus, my lovely readers, it's over to you now.

I can't wait to see what genres you love.

May the sun always shine in your hearts.

Elevated to a World Of Dreams

Ever upwards, never stopping, the staircase to the heavens awaits all those wishing to dream.

And all you have to do is place one foot on the first step.

Consider the endless possibilities as you climb higher and higher.

Boredom is unknown in my time and space, for can you not see the stars sparkling bright, ready to enlighten you?

Is your mind ready to absorb the endless possibilities of a million words?

And are you ready to join me on a magical journey?

I will embrace you with open arms.

And welcome you into the world of my imagination.

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