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IT HAS TO BE FRIDAY – 60’s STYLE - By Rick Haynes - based on a true tale.

According to my teacher, Mr Balls, I have little chance of offering anything useful to society once I leave school next week. Looking out of the window, I failed to see the piece of chalk flying past my head, yet had to snigger as it hit my best mate, Davy, in front of me.

A shout, a deep snarl and I turned to see my nemesis. Crimson faced, clenched fists, and a look of hatred that would stop a charging rhino, Jonny Balls looked like a demon. I don’t think he disliked me, no way, he simply despised all students in his English Literature class. I knew the score so shoved my nose into a book hoping that he would find another unsuspecting victim. But teacher Balls wasn’t finished with me.

“You will read the next chapter of The Gun, Haynes, and I will test you tomorrow, so make sure you read it well.” He leant in close and whispered. “Last chance, Haynes.”

“Yes sir, definitely, sir.” My heart was now beating so fast sweat was dripping from my nose. Where the hell do I get another copy of that sodden book I left out in the rain, I asked myself? Luckily for me, my salvation was nearby. The welcoming sound of the door closing as Jonny departed was greeted with huge applause and nonstop chat.

I wondered whether he blamed me for the new boys’ excursion into the fishpond yesterday, but no, the newbie wouldn’t dare rat on me. Anyway, it was only a game and it could easily have been me sent home to change into dry clothes.

Davy and I should have been Monitors, we were old enough, but our cockney accents in a fee-paying grammar school did us no favours. Not that we worried too much, especially as the highlight of the week beckoned.

It was Friday afternoon, and with time moving slower than a snail we sat and waited.

At last, The Miss Gorgeous contestants were paying us their weekly visit. On their way home from the local girls’ school down the road, teasing us love-struck teenagers looking through the railings was manna from heaven.

The boldest, Amy, the one with the biggest tits had started the show last week and we were all ready for another performance. She leaned over the low wall, and button after blouse button slowly popped as we banged on the windows. I simply hung on to my best friend and prayed to meet her friend, Susie, the long-haired girl with a shy smile.

It took a while but someone eventually listened to my prayers. Susie finally agreed to go out with me, but, it had to be in a foursome with Davy and Amy.

And when the summer holidays started we had two months of non-stop sunshine.

Life is good; Susie is great and with her parents away, I can’t wait to see the inside of her bedroom later.

But Davy meeting the parents of his pregnant Amy tomorrow should be interesting.


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