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THE IMP PARTS 1- 2 - 3 and 4.


“Come on love, we need to clear all this rubbish before we can turn this room into a nursery,” Annabel said.

Bob sat on the floor surround by his books and old ornaments. Annabel couldn’t understand why he kept looking at the china imp. With its nasty scarlet eyes, it looked almost alive.

“I’m not having that in the house, it’s got to go,” Annabel said.

“But I’ve had it for so long, he’s like an old friend,” Bob countered.

“Not anymore,” Annabel took the imp and threw it in a box, marked ‘dump.’

“You’ll regret that,” whispered the imp.


The rain tumbled over the blocked gutters like a miniature waterfall. It splashed against the patio doors, leaving dirty marks.

The imp, aptly named Etain - the little fire - sat under a large bush, gently puffing on an old clay pipe, his eyes alive with mischief. Pulling out an old red cloth he blew his nose.

“Payback time you two,” he sniggered, “I’ll teach you to throw me out with the rubbish. I am much more than a china ornament.”

In mud he wrote on both doors.

“Beware the new moon, for all your nightmares may yet come true.”


A tiny crescent in the sky, the new moon looked down. The imp looked up.

“Time to re-enter the house with the box, you’re not going to part me from my friend,” Etain said.

Sitting in the spare room, Etain could hear the shrieks. The sinks were overflowing with coagulating claret, the rooms alive with the sounds of torment. Hearing yet another high pitched scream, he sniggered. “Time for your own personal nightmare, Annabel.”

He saw the dust mark on the mantelpiece where he had sat for years. “So far, so good, but wait until you see what’s coming next.”


“Help! Stop the noises ... do something Bob,” Annabel wrapped both arms around her body, her knees tucked under her chin.

“What do I do?” Bob retorted.

The wardrobe doors opened. Flames flicked out threatening to engulf them.

“Nooo!” Annabel screamed.

There must be a reason for this evil attack, Bob thought. He ran to the spare room, astonished to see the old box of rubbish. Desperation overruled his thoughts. Removing everything, he returned them to their former places.

The fire instantly disappeared.

He could hear Annabel weeping.

It’s so good to be back where I belong, thought the imp.


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