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I have really got stuck into my follow up novel, Heroes Never Fade, with 14500 words accomplished now. I'll look for a suitable book cover in due course but for anyone wanting a taster, look no further. Please note that this is a draft and the image may or may not be used. All comments welcomed.

“Yeesssss! Yeesssss!”

Warriors and common folk alike held their hands over their ears. Deafened by the screaming of a mad-man some ran away, trying to escape the incessant noise. Oblivious to everything the Tormented King shrieked and screamed. Throwing platters and goblets at the walls increased his pleasure as he ran from the hall.

Slowly the men moved, drinking ale to steady frayed nerves. Serving girls began to clear up the mess, frightened that the Tormented King may return before they could finish. Lips stayed shut and even Teirtu, failed to say a single word.

All had one thought in mind. They were going to war with a mad king yet would any warrior of Marathi live to tell the tale.


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