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“Gran wants me to sing at her Christmas party, mum.”

“What’s wrong with that, Thomas? You’ve got a great voice.”

“So what? I sing Indie Rock not Christmas Carols.”

“It would mean so much to Granny Davis, and anyway I’ve told her you’re going.”

“Bloody hell, mum, thanks for nothing.”

I hate being told what to do but I can’t get out of this one. Maybe I can persuade Danny and Jimbo to come along, at least then we’ll have two guitarists and a drummer.


“Tommo, this is worse than a museum, all these people are slower than dummies.” Jimbo always stated the obvious but this time, it is worse than that. There must be over a hundred oldies in this hall and I’d never seen so many people shuffling around in their threadbare slippers. No wonder the St. John’s Ambulance is in attendance.

We’d set up the gear much earlier before going to the pub for some liquid courage. But judgement time was near, for it would soon be my turn to lead them with the Christmas Carols. Granny Davis is great, I’ve always liked her, especially as she bought my first guitar all those years ago, but her music and mine were on different planets.

I tried to smile as she approached.

“Is my favourite grandson ready?”

The word senility came into my head. Had she forgotten that I’m her only grandson?

“Yes Gran,” I responded wearily. “Which carol do you want me to start with?”

“This one. I know you can play it.” She handed me a folded piece of paper. I had to smile. The little wiggle she gave me as she walked away proved she still had the moves.

I opened her note and couldn’t speak. I showed it to the boys who looked on with the same disbelief as I did.

“Your Gran wants this?” Danny said, his face a wall of questions.

I could only nod.

We hit the first notes and like a never ending army of ants the old boys and girls shuffled onto the dance floor.

The roof just about managed to stay in place as they sang the chorus.

And without thinking the three of us joined in.

“And here it is Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun.

Look to the future now, it’s only just begun.”

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