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This week, I'm pleased to showcase a great poem from the lovely Firle Lewis. She's very shy so please leave a comment via my email.

I give you

BRIAN TAMER – by Firle Lewes

Brian boldly staggered in,

Preceded by a whiff of gin.

His vision blurred, with squinting gaze,

He saw the lion, through drunken haze.

Colin followed, such a meanie,

To see if Brian, the Great Fangdini,

Was really worth his weekly wage,

If he and lion were out of cage.

Colin spied a fountain - large,

And worked out just how much he’d charge.

If Brian put on the greatest show,

He knew the audience would grow.

Colin tossed in several coins,

And wagered Brian to gird his loins,

To get the gold out of the fountain –

At this grave point, Colin started counting.

Guarded by the fearless lion

Colin eyed the hapless Brian

Who sidled up unto the beast,

Aware he’d make a tasty feast.

He’d bought a whip, at great expense,

And waved a chair in his defence.

The lion was totally unimpressed

As Brian prodded at its chest.

The crowd soon gathered, cash in hand,

And then they started up the band.

They thought that Brian was very funny -

And all the while, Colin counted money.

The lion unmoved, just like a sentry,

Watched Colin make his double entry

And wonder how to stop a loss

To gain the pleasure of the boss.

Brian, meantime, tottered on the brink,

Then wavered, much the worse for drink

And finally, his balance lost,

He knew he had to pay the cost.

Sadly, Brian, no tight-rope walker,

Had soon submerged beneath the water.

Colin watched the bubbling fountain -

And, finally, he stopped his counting.

He’d worked out that the cost of Brian

Was greater than the cost of lion -

And you didn’t need a whip and chair

For lions in Trafalgar Square.

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