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Hello readers. I am once again delighted to publish a poem from the wonderful poet, Cindy Smith.

Today is just after, World Poetry Day so I am sharing this, I wrote it 3 years ago


I often wonder

Am I real?

Or am I a character

Some fictional being

Created on paper

By some would be author

A fledgling writer

Piecing together disjointed thoughts

Attempting to fabricate a masterpiece

A tale of intrigue and suspense

A glimpse at how life should be lived

Could be lived if people would try

Editing the early pages

Erasing pieces that detract

That would lead the reader to the wrong conclusion

Rewriting scenes

Adjusting past conflicts to fit the new plot

The new thought processes involved

As they decide on my next step

Changing venues to feed imaginations

Reshaping me, remodelling me

Me, the main character

Treated as if I'm in a kaleidoscope

Thoughts and emotions changed at the turn of the hand

Memories erased as if the past never was

My body transformed into something unrecognizable

Nothing permanent

Nothing solid to base any truth on

Constant change

Without rhyme or reason

Tears are turned into rainbows

While dreams become nightmares

Hurdles I must now overcome

No sense of self

No sense of stability

As I wonder when the ink will stop flowing

And I cease to exist

© Cindy J. Smith


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