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The different figurines on the doors took my breath away as I marvelled at the intricate detail. I was certain that the figures moved, beckoning me to join them, yet how could they?

Something nagged away in my head. I had to know more, but how could I enter this mysterious house?

Sitting on the park bench opposite, my mind led me to imagine what lay behind that huge portal.

The dark crept insidiously over the green belt like an all-conquering army. The rate was slow but relentless, only stopping before the massive doors. A soft wind crooned a melody, serenading the figures of warriors on the doors, enticing them to dance, willing them to leave the safety of their lofty perch.

As the sounds died away the warriors trembled, and one by one they leapt to the dusty ground below. At first, they moved randomly; without purpose. But like the mighty Spartans of old, they joined together in one single phalanx and began to push.

The doors opened to the sound of their marching feet, yet the noise faded as the warriors passed through the gates. And once inside the large courtyard, they quickly formed ranks.

Like a wraith, misty white and lacking in substance, a female descended from the sky, her long silky gown billowing behind. Without disturbing the dust her feet touched down. She held her arms to the sky, her slender fingers together as if in supplication. Pink lips parted, as the melody of life rose into the air like the call of angels. It tore through the skies faster than a swift, sending the message of renewal over the Earth.

New buds grew on a huge chestnut tree, leaves emerged on the branches of dormant shrubs, and hidden bulbs thrust stalks upwards through the soil.

The warriors kneeled, casting their heads downwards as the giver of life moved amongst them, blessing each one as she passed. And when she had finished they rose as one unit, their eyes watching her glide effortlessly upwards towards the opening of the cosmos. A clap of thunder, a flash of lightning and the ghostly figure of the white queen disappeared.

The phalanx moved once more, retracing their steps, closing the mighty portal behind them. In a flash, they were gone, cemented once more into the huge gates as if they had never departed.

If only I could follow them, I thought as my brain dragged me out of my reverie. I wanted to leave this place, to return to my previous life on Earth, but the voices from hell were calling me, demanding I enter. Their pull was strong but I felt an unremitting urge to stay for the sweet voices of angels was so loud, I had to place both hands over my ears. Were they also calling me?

I took one last look at the gates, rose from the weathered bench, heard the song of angels ringing all around me and stood very still. The doors had opened once more and with the silence from hell fading, I answered their call.

And as Heaven’s gates closed behind me, I remembered my life and knew what I wanted more than anything else in the world. For I knew my beautiful wife, Helena would be waiting for me in heaven.


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