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“Look at that one honey, he’s so big.” “Yeah sweetie, they’re bigger than the lions in Florida.” “Their claws are just so long, Forrest, it makes me feel right uncomfortable.” “Now don’t you go worrying sugar pops, we’re very safe inside the car.” ***

“Stupid humans, do they really believe that we’re tame in a safari park, Leo?” “So true, Sheba. I can see the sun shining on your talons and the gleam in your beautiful eyes. The meat will soon arrive so let’s put on a good show.” “Why not, husband. I’ll jump up and sit on their car as I do love to see the fear in their eyes.” “And I’ll roar at that spiteful child that keeps throwing peanuts at us from the back window.” *** “Mommy, this dang cats got bad breath.” “I know sweetie, it’s all the meat they eat.” “Now, you make sure you get some real close-ups sweetie pie.” “You bet your life, Forrest, I’ll stick this camera right out of the window. Hell no, Forrest, that cat’s scratched my camera and I nearly lost a finger.” “Now don’t you go worrying, honey-child, I’ll sue this company for every cent they’ve got.” *** “Time for the finale, Leo?” “Oh yes, Sheba. Are the kids ready to look and learn?” “Their growls are telling me they’re ready.” “Let’s go. No, stop, wait a moment, Sheba. Look to the top of their wagon. Do you see what I see?” “Oh yeah! I’m already licking my lips.” *** “Honey, don't you think we should close the sunroof as that monster lion is trying to push it open.” *** “I’m sorry folks but due to unforeseen circumstances the ride into the lion enclosure is now closed until further notice.”

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