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MY ONLY POEM by Rick Haynes

Hello and a happy Sunday folks.

As most of you know, I am a writer, not a poet but sometimes it is good to take a break from writing and try something different.

So what better than to share my only reasonable poem with you.

I think the title is appropriate for my feeble efforts.


These competitions are so much fun

Thoughts and words, so much to be done.

There's rhyming this and rhyming that

Sit on the chair, whoops mind the cat

Compose myself, now think quite hard

You can't say that, you're not the bard.

A rhyming couplet, now that seems right

Perhaps it's not, I'll be up all night.

A metaphor or pun will do

I'm stuck on that, like super glue.

A comma yes, a full stop no

My friends sit, to watch and crow.

The problems solved, I've got it now

It's easy, when you know how.

As my mind's shut and will not budge

I'll write a cheque and bribe the judge.


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