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PERFECT for CHRISTMAS by Rick Haynes

I saw a sunbeam today

It was golden bright

Beyond the realms of mortals

It lit up my world, perfect

I smiled and made a wish

If only harmony could reign

Where war and terror looms

Peace should prevail, perfect

I had a dream today

It floated on fluffy clouds

Tyrants may pledge the future

But sparkles can grow, perfect

I looked from my lofty window

I saw a small child ride by

But what world will she inherit

Unless mankind changes course, perfect

I saw another sunbeam today

It shone like a twinkling star

Fear from the east is burning bright

But if their desires are denied, perfect

If all mankind could turn their attention to the sick, the homeless, the starving, and cease the destruction of our unique and beautiful planet, it would be PERFECT.

I thank you, my readers, for your wonderful support this year and may the sun always shine in your hearts.

I wish you a very happy Christmas

And, perfect peace to you all.



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