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This week Tuesday Tales features a poem straight from the heart of the lovely Maureen Barron.

There is more to the poem but It's best those details remain untouched.

Selfish Tired Me.

I watch with one eye as I lie here on the settee with a dog in the curve of my belly and another behind my knee.

I watch as you shuffle loudly across the carpet for the millionth time.

I long for some peace.

I wish you would stop going backwards and forwards.

I wish you would stop rattling the paper.

I wish you would stop losing your glasses.

I wish I didn't feel selfish I forgive myself because I know that I'm still tired.

I want to go to sleep.

I feel my jaws clamping and my neck tightening as the noise gets louder.

It has been loud all night.

You ask me if I have seen a pen or your glasses anywhere.

I mumble no and suggest places to look but I know It is time to ignore tiredness.

To get up and help you.

Because it is Time to start my day now.

Taking care of you.


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