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THE UNWANTED by Rick Haynes

The Unwanted by Rick Haynes

The door opened and, like a man with a huge weight on his shoulders, he slowly walked into the bedroom and across the plush carpet towards her sumptuous bed. He knew the girl’s sleep could never be disturbed no matter what he did. Nevertheless, he gently took her exposed left hand, raised it to his lips, and kissed every finger. With his mind in turmoil and his eyes full of unshed tears, the man tried to speak coherently.

“I will never ... rest ... my beautiful Milly until I find the cause of your ... sickness. I’ve called for an ambulance but they say they are very busy. But if they don’t arrive soon, I will take you to the hospital and you will be seen.”

As hard as he tried the dam burst and Tom Davis fell beside the bed, his head hanging low to the floor.

In the cellar below, Hayden sat on the bare floor unable to move more than an inch or two. The manacles had bruised his arms, his legs and hips were bloody where he had been dragged across the floor, yet he neither called out in fear nor in pain. Instead, his leering face and black eyes looked towards the single pane of grimy glass in the corner. Seeing his filthy image in the mirror always made him smile. And once more his eyes shone like a full moon. Hayden knew he was evil; he was born to be evil as his family would agree, that’s if they were able to emerge from their coffins deeply buried under a mass of soil.

He heard the squeaking cellar door slowly open, heard two female voices speaking quietly, and laughed at their pathetic attempts not to be heard.

“Over here, my lovelies, come to join me in a chat have we?” He sneered.

Standing to one side of Hayden and seeing his vile face in the mirror, Judy and her mother, Doris, held hands and prayed. Watching such an evil man sent shivers down their spines, yet both were determined to find the truth. They asked many questions but only the snarls from a man with a mindset of hatred greeted them.

As it was impossible to garner any further information, they retraced their steps and slammed the door shut.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it.... is....

To finish the tale in any way you wish.

You simply write an appropriate ending

and send your work to my email address.

They may be a prize for the winner.


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