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THOUGHTS 8/19/2020 By Cindy J. Smith

I may be a poor poet but Cindy is a class apart.

THOUGHTS - By Cindy J. Smith

I want to believe in humanity

That kindness will win the day

The rioters and the looters

Will finally be put away

I have a right to protest

As well as a right to pray

Both seem to be lost in the chaos

With evil no longer kept at bay

I like when people smile at me

It feels like sunshine on display

Masks cover everyone's face now

Creating a world in shades of grey

I'm so sad and lonely

Adrift in this sea of dismay

Lockdowns keeping us at home

Forcing loved ones to stay away

Why am I feeling victimized

Neighbors are treated the same way

Our fear fed to the point of panic

Wanting safety we all obey

Can I impose on you to consider

Price our ancestors were willing to pay

For the freedoms and opportunities

Our country enjoyed until today

Will we have a future worth living

When criminals are having a holiday

And honest, hard working citizens

Must seek out a safe hideaway

Are they aware of the hate they are spreading

The destruction total disarray

Is there a method to all this madness

A script for this political passion play

Should I try to make a difference

Or have truth and justice become cliche

I see greed, hate and anger abound

While love, honesty and kindness decay

I need a moment of solitude

A break from this apparent doomsday

A tender embrace to fill my soul

Give hope a reason to stay

I love when my dreams of beauty

My fears and trepidation allay

I see a world where we join together

In a grand celebratory ballet

I will never believe evil will win

Though it seems to be having its way

In the end goodness and truth

Will have the final say

© Cindy J. Smith

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