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WISHES by Cindy J. Smith © 2020

I am delighted to post a wonderful, and deeply moving poem, written by Cindy J. Smith. When I read this aloud, my wonderful wife was trying hard to stem the tears. She failed.

With much love, I am proud to present, WISHES by Cindy J. Smith.

Christmas is coming

Love is in the air

Decorations lit

Joy everywhere

It's not so easy

For some of us though

To feel the spirit

Hearts truly aglow

Stand before the tree

Ornaments ready

Hands are shaky

Hard to keep steady

Pain stabs my heart

Eyes filling with tears

It's your favorite

Time of the year

As each one's hung

Soft memories flow

When this was chosen

You smiled just so

Follow tradition

It brings you so near

As I top the tree

Feel wings hold me dear

The warmth of your love

Lets Christmas fill me

Joy and hope renewed

By a sparkling tree

My Sweet Angel please

Help spread peace and cheer

To family, friends

Throughout this whole year


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