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I am very grateful to Hákon Gunnarsson who has given me permission to post his response about FREE books from a reader's perspective although he is a writer as well. Rick I like your article, and to tell the truth, I've been skeptical of the free book idea for some time. I don't have any experience of putting a book out there for free, but as a reader I'm very open to downloading anything that looks interesting, and is free. The problem is that I have probably 400-500 books on my kindle. Out of those I've probably read less than 50. I've reviewed most of those I've read, but the rest gathers digital dust without being read or reviewed, so the 400-450 authors whose books I've downloaded, but


I wanted to try and promote my work over a long period of time by dangling a huge ‘carrot’ under the noses of all those lovely people – our readers. As an experiment I reduced one of my books to zero for nearly six months, monitoring my sales on a regular basis. The good news was that Drabbles ‘N’ Shorts stayed just inside or outside of the top 100 for fiction, collections etc. for most of that time. I was so pleased with the number of downloads, but how about reviews? Maybe I received ten or even a few more? Not a chance for after all that time there were none at all. I remember an author telling me last year that most freebie books are unlikely to be read let alone receive a review. It wou

A Change Of Life For A Tired Author

The endless azure way above is never alone with fluffy cotton wool as company. Lower down house martins swoop and soar, seeking insects, their young eagerly demanding tasty morsels. Other birds enjoy the bounty that nature offers as the golden orb beats down on the land turning grass to straw. Animals constantly search to feed their newborns, the youngsters demanding more and more. Summer has finally arrived, and like a brides late arrival at her wedding, is more than welcomed. I love it when the sun beats down, warming my body, making me feel more alive than yesterday. My timetable disappears in a flash as I make new plans, plans that do not include a computer, pen or paper. I want, no need


BRAND NEW STORY. BRAND NEW VIDEO. But not same old me. Not this time, because you can listen to my powerful monologue about unrequited love. I great deal of work went into this from a number of people, so I am sure we would all appreciate your honest comments.

News And Yet More News

It's now official. I have been honoured by the wonderful people of Barbados and I truly thank them. It's just a pity that they clearly have someone else mixed up with me. Never mind it was fun whilst it lasted. WRITING I am now working on a number of projects. The second novel in the Maxilla series Heroes Never Fade is finished, been kindly read by my two wonderful beta readers - Lesley Talbot and Val Portelli - and is currently being amended by me before moving on to my editor Alex Roddie. Publication is due in the autumn. I have almost finished my collection of Cretan tales - stories based on some truth but with a little humour thrown in, naturally - which again should be published later t

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